Ways to Eliminate Coliform Bacteria in Your Well Water

Coliform is a rod-shaped organism that can be seen in plants, soil, water, and animals’ intestines. There are three kinds of coliform: E.coli, fecal, and total. Though the majority of these organisms are harmless, there are also kinds of e.coli that could possibly cause vomiting and diarrhea. But, if your well water has a coliform bacteria, it usually implies fecal contamination. Fecal contamination is the main upwelling of worm eggs and of viruses and protozoa that carries disease, like those responsible for hepatitis, dysentery, and polio. Remember if bacteria could reach your drinking water, so can horrible microbes. For the sake of your safety, it is important to remove all types of coliform bacteria in your well water for you to take delight in the advantages of having pure and clean drinking water. 

Water well testing 

It is highly recommended to have your water tested for microbiological contamination at least once every year. This could be possible if you collaborate with your local health unit. Testing is a simple procedure. You’ll be provided with a sterilized bottle sample and they will let you know how to utilize it. They will bring it into their laboratory after to be tested. After the results, you can identify what kinds of microorganisms your water has. It will be up to you if you will consider removing all of the microorganisms from your water system. 

Ways to remove bugs in your well water 

Ultra-violet light treatment 

This is a costly solution that doesn’t remove water contamination after it’s passed into your taps and out of the treatment system. Though this is not advisable for high levels of bacteria. 


This is one of the fail-safe means of making sure that your water will be germ-free. Though it could be challenging and time-consuming to boil your entire drinking water. 

Water distiller 

By far, a water distiller is the greatest option if you want to have a greater result in removing microorganisms out of your water well. Moreover, maintaining and installing a water distiller is easy and quick to do and it comes with a wide range of capacities to tailor your needs. 

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